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Pay Per Project *COMING SOON*

Pay Per Project *COMING SOON*

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Hi Tufting Fam!

Our new Open Studio is almost here (sort of) in a bit of a BETA scenario in that we will be testing the waters and opening the studio up to makers during our regular shop hours. 

Welcome to Pay Per Project!

Eventually we hope to be able to get folks in 24/7 but until then, you can come in while we're there.

Who is this for?

  • Maybe you make rugs to sell on Etsy or socials?
  • Do you like to zen out and create with your hands?
  • Are you still curious about taking up tufting but not enough to buy your own tools yet?
  • Do you love tufting but just don't have the space to create?

Are there requirements?

  • Yes. You must have taken one of our tufting classes or prove to us in a scheduled meet up that you are able to tuft on your own without assistance or instruction.

How does it work?

You can choose between a 24 inch or 32 inch rug. Each will get time in the studio, access to all the tools and materials you'll need to complete your project.

  • The 24 inch rug will receive 4 hours of studio time
  • The 32 inch rug will receive 6 hours of studio time

And if you need more time, you can get an extra hour for only $10.00

When is the Studio Open to Pay Per Project?

Time slots will be available during normal business hours of 12:00 PM to 9:30 PM. 

As long as we are open and aren't full, you will be able to come in to work. You can tuft your rug in one sitting or in multiple sittings. 


What are the extras?

You can even add our Studio Finishing Package for $45.00 and we’ll latex the back of your rug before applying our non-slip felt backing and shave down the top of your rug so everything is super level and your design POPS. We’ll also trim and round out the edges of your rug to give it that final finish of a professional rug design house.

And for $59.00 we can also teach you how to finish your rug like a pro so that you get that extra lesson that rounds out your crafty education.

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