why choose us?

we love to share

whether we’re sharing our favorite supplies, tools, techniques, experience or space. we’re excited about learning and even more excited to share that with you!

we're picky

we have meticulously researched, tested and sourced the best materials on the planet. This is what we use, this is what we sell. 

our education is serious

we have studied the most useful techniques for beginners to professionals alike and have fine-tuned those skills to build your experience.

instruction and practice are key

you’ll spend close to an hour of your first session learning and then applying the skills you need to be the most successful. all the while, receiving global and individual feedback throughout your entire workshop. 

we want you to succeed

we’ll be with you every step of the way, answering questions, troubleshooting issues, checking your progress and treating your project how we’d treat our own. we want you to leave happy and we want to be proud of what we’ve helped you create. especially if you tag us. 😉

book our 1 day tuft it today class

spend a few hours with us learning the basics and techniques of rug making, choose your own image and leave with your rug in hand or leave it to us to spruce it up!

tuft It today our one day rug making class

in this 3.5 hour beginner class we focus on the basics of rug tufting. You'll create a custom rug while learning fundamental techniques and the quick finishing process.

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book our 3 day bootcamp

learn everything there is to know about making your own rugs on your own. from building a frame to backing and executing the finishing touches.

Upcoming Bootcamps

sign up for an afternoon

we offer the same curriculum as our day class for individuals and small groups during the day.

afternoon sessions

in our afternoon sessions, you can book solo or with a small group for some personalized instruction and 3-4 hours of rug making. this class tends to have a smaller student to teacher ratio for some added attention.

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