For Tuft it Today Workshops:

  • Please send JPG files and include your first name in the file name.
  • Images should be fairly simple--think clip art or vector images. Even searching for an image you like on Google and including the word "vector" brings up some great results. 

Try to avoid:

  • Complicated color gradients or textures (tufting works best in "blobs" of color)
  • Text, fine-line sketches, tiny details, or too much line work. (Consider how turning a pencil sketch into a jumbo marker drawing would look.) These smaller details blend together, and you may waste crucial time outlining them with other colors.
  • Using all the colors of the rainbow. The more colors you use, the more outlining and dodging shapes you'll do. We suggest 4-5 or less.

For Bootcamp Workshops:

  • Images can be more detailed and colorful as you'll have double the time to work, but keep in mind the complexity of the image and your beginner level.