Welcome to Tuft Stuff

Tuft Stuff came about during the global COVID-19 pandemic as a way to provide people the highest quality supplies to allow them to be creative, keep their minds busy and possibly put some money in their pockets when times were tougher. 

Though tufting machines were being sold in large numbers, finding good quality material or even the term "primary backing" was a bit difficult to come by--almost as hard as waiting for the machines you ordered to arrive sometimes months later. After months of searching and trying every material you could imagine, I began importing large orders of fabric to use for myself and cut down to make available to others in small quantities and especially in discounted bulk orders for small business owners. 

Tuft Stuff is still one of the only retailers offering DISCOUNTED BULK orders as well as small custom cuts of this commercial quality primary backing fabric. 

If you’ve never tried this fabric, I’ve tried them all and I bet you won’t turn back either.