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Tuft Stuff

Secondary Backing Fabric/Cloth - 2yd x 3yd - Super Thin Non-Slip Rug Backing

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This fabric is an AMAZING alternative to expensive Secondary Backing for Rugs. AND it's 100% Recycled!

It is a grey felt-like rubberized non-skid rug backing that is super thin and PERFECT to adhere to the bottom of your rugs for a nice finished look to impress your customers and yourself (Because you deserve it!)

The cloth is about 2mm thick.

*This is a Secondary Backing meaning it is meant to adhere to the back of your tufted work to lock in the fibers and create a professional finished look. It's best used after locking in fibers with your favorite rug adhesive. You can adhere this with the same adhesive or even a common spray adhesive.

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